Encouraging an overcoming spirit in children

GO-Prosper is an educational NGO focused on redefining the lives of children less privileged. 

Help us change lives. Forever.

We can only deliver on our promises with your support.

For this reason we wish to partner with companies looking to invest their Corporate Social Development funds in developing our future leaders and bright young minds.

We also wish to partner with schools as delivery channels and enablers of our services.

Our mission is to support & equip kids with skills for a prosperous future. We teach them how to take responsibility for their future so they can rise above their circumstances.

What Do We Do?


Remedial classes for less privileged children.

Specialised Software

Cloud software designed specifically for education.

Tax & Certification

Partners are issued with A18 certificates & contributions are BBEEE approved.

Individual Attention

Personalised learning programs for each child.

Fulfilling Needs

We take action to bridge the gaps where sorely needed.

Consistent Learning

Teaching is synchronised with existing curriculum.

How Does It Work?



The first part of the process is to build lasting, productive relationships with you, our partners, without whom we would not be able to deliver our services to the children who need it.



By finding mutually beneficial funding methods & structures with our partners, we can build a sustainable delivery model and source the best skills available.



Our teachers are the cornerstone. We use our funding to procure & train the best skills for the requirements at hand. Our teachers are fully invested in the children they teach.



The focus of our business & the future of our country. Our teachers equip the children to develop the skills & knowledge they need to help themselves!

How Will We Achieve Our Targets?

By implementing an actionable plan.

  • Start with a Baseline test done by a 3rd party Child Psychologist.
  • An in detail Go Prosper assessment will be done to confirm specific academic trouble areas. This helps with the developing of a personalized Go Prosper program.
  • An interview with the child, parents and teachers to commit to a program. E.g. – Numeracy, Literacy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and/or Emotional support.
  • Customize Go Prosper package material for the individual learner and selecting of a suitable Go Prosper qualified personnel who will visit the school daily.
  • Detail arrangement with school and teachers about the implementing of the Go Prosper initiative schedule.

Start of Go Prosper lessons by seeing groups of max 6 learners per lesson, 4 times a week.

Recording the impact of Go Prosper using customized software as a management tool.

How Will We Measure Success?
  • Termly review of Go Prosper learners with the school, as well as a Baseline assessment done by independent Children’s Psychologist every 6 months.
  • Termly Progress reports done by Go Prosper specialist sent to parents and financial partners.
  • Teachers keeps an online Journal of the learner, updated weekly.
  • Interactive personalized profile available online with the learners tasks, assessments, extra-mural activities, marks and photos for the Prosper Partners to check in on.
What We Need From: Schools
  • Willingness to participate.
  • Facilities i.e.: staffroom/classroom to do the tutoring.
  • Access to children 40minutes – per class – per day.
  • Marks and information of learners.
  • Cooperation with parents to facilitate an integrated team
What We Need From: Prosper Partners
  • Shared vision to improve our community by having a personalized impact on needy children.
  • Medium to long term financial commitment in the form of money or resources.
  • Identify a dedicated Prosper Manager in your own company
  • To coordinate your marketing and advertising requirements in relation to the schools. E.g.: Banners, pamphlets, handouts, t shirts, car branding of Go Prosper vehicles etc.

How Can You Help?

Partnership & Contributions

As a partner with Go-Prosper, organisations will benefit from the peace of mind in knowing that their Social Development funds are honestly administered and well-spent, not to mention the various legislative advantages regarding tax & BBEEE scores.

All that is required is a short registration process, whereafter organisations can start contributing directly to Go-Prosper. 

Step 1

Download & fill out our Commercial Agreement form

Step 2

Submit your form to [email protected]

Step 3

Receive all the necessary information & build the future!


Go-Prosper is an officially registered project and beneficiary of the ForwardFund. Kindly utilise their platform to process general contributions - you will not only be helping us, but also other organisations in need of financial assistance.

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